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Getting Started with LooperLands:

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This guide was written by izitnu to help newcomers or anyone who may be interested in learning more about LooperLands. I often see many of the same questions appearing in their Discord or online and felt having one place where information can be gathered and collected was best.

What is LooperLands?

LooperLands is a free-to-play (F2P) community driven web-based MMO game based on the old Browser Quest game which was developed to showcase the capability of HTML5. LooperLands is playable on both PC and Mobile being developed by LoopWorms. The game itself is hosted on LoopWorms website along with some of the other LoopWorms games. LooperLands features NFT and blockchain technology built within the Loopring Layer 2 (L2) solution which is part of the Ethereum blockchain.

Loopring offers significant benefits over traditional Ethereum due to the low cost and speed of transfers. This enables the creators mint the necessary NFTs and send them for lower costs than you would find in the Layer 1 networks.

The game is currently in alpha testing and has several creators working to create game assets with more joining every day. Current creators are able upload their own Looper (player) sprites and even their own weapons. The LoopWorms team is currently working towards allowing creators to upload their own maps and worlds which will further enrichen LooperLands with new stories and maps created with unique sprites.

LooperLands does not produce Loopers of their own. The creators in the L2 community are the ones creating Loopers.

How to Play LooperLands


Getting a Wallet:

Before you can begin your journey into the Looperlands, you need a few things. First, you need to have a Wallet Connect compatible wallet that is active on Ethereum Layer 1 and has the game assets on Layer 2.

Several wallets will work for the game but the most popular options are Loopring's mobile wallet, the GameStop wallet, or Metamask. The are other options including the use of hardware wallets such as Ledger.

Please note: it's highly recommended to use the Loopring wallet for the use of in-game red packets. Loopring's wallet is currently the only wallet capable of supporting this technology. More on red packets below!

Getting a Looper:

Once your wallet is setup, you need to get a Looper. The free-to-play (F2P) Loopers are available in the LooperLands Discord. Once in their Discord, head down to the #looper-lands channel and look at the pinned messages for the red packet containing a free-to-play Looper. If you can't find it, just ask and someone will be available to help!

While the game is free-to-play, to experience the full game, you will need to spend some money purchasing Loopers and maybe even weapons Eventually, when new maps are opened, there may be costs associated to enter those maps. You can head to LoopExchange and find numerous Loopers and weapon assets available to purchase.

But if the game is free, why would I want to purchase an avatar? The free-to-play ones are currently reset each day. You can play and level, but the next day all of your progress will be lost. The premium Loopers do not reset and will maintain their experience. Occasionally, in-game weapons are lost and you start with the basic sword again. simply head north and work on getting a new one, the King's golden sword is the only one that takes a little time to get while the others are all easy. Regardless if you choose to play with a free Looper or a premium one, the game is still fun and interacting with other members of the Loopring L2 community is almost always fun.

Premium Loopers work by saving progress to the NFT itself. If you purchase a Looper that's already been leveled then it will be whatever level indicated. You can check that information here: LooperLands Experience Leaderboard . This lists all Loopers and if you're interested in buying one and want to verify the level yourself you can do so.

Unlike many other games, LooperLands truly allows you to own your own assets. Buying and selling of game assets is normal and perfectly acceptable. Some players may not want to level themselves and might look to purchase pre-leveled Loopers or weapons. Many items are unique (also called 1 of 1). You might see something you absolutely "have to have" and reach out to the owner to purchase it. Some items that aren't unique may also be minted in very low amounts and in the future, are harder to find making them more valuable to collectors. Just about every game has rare skins that were available through some special deal or during a limited release and you wish you had it but are unable to get it yourself. The only limitation to this in LooperLands is whether or not someone will be willing to give theirs up.

After you decided which kind of Looper to get, it should show in your wallet. The game is a little slower than your wallet, so it may take up to an hour for the server to recognize you have the Looper. Once it shows on the server, you should be able to select the avatar you want to play as. Picker

Okay, I'm in...Now what do I do?

Controls and User Interface (UI):

Once you get into the game and start playing, you will be greeted with a little pop-up window explaining the controls. Unless you picked up a pre-leveled Looper, at the top of the screen, you'll notice it says "Avatar Level: 1 0.0%" and shows you your level and experience. Level

On the bottom is your "action bar". Starting on the bottom left and working right: Action Bar

Basic Game Play:

When you first start, you will find yourself in a little town surrounded by rats and some friendly NPCs. To the south of you is a beach, to the north is the wilderness. You can start slaying rats by tapping or clicking on them. You you begin attacking an enemy, your Looper will continue to attack until one of you dies. After that, you're free to move or attack another. Town

As you kill rats, your experience will go up. If you wander around the town, you'll find a "steel sword" upgrade to your existing weapon. A better weapon will help you level faster by doing more damage. The higher the level you are the more damage you'll do and the more health you'll have.

The crabs, goblins, and bats north and south of the town, drop an axe upgrade that will improve your damage even more. Be careful though as these enemies will attack you if you get too close and some enemies have a longer aggro radius than others. The ogres and snakes have one of the longest ranges in the game and will come from even off screen to attack you while skeletons have a very little aggro radius (probably because they don't have eyeballs). The rats are the only neutral enemy in the game. They will only attack if attacked.

When visiting the areas north and south of town, make sure you don't pull too many enemies or you will get surrounded and overwhlemed quickly. When you are surrounded, you will be unable to move until you open a path. Inside of caves, it may only take two enemies to block you in. If you find yourself pulling too many enemies or running low on health, you can hide out in a cave or house for a minute.

You can carefully explore the map to discover the caves and groups of enemies. Watch your health though, it's very slow to recharge on its own but some enemies drop potions or burgers that you can eat to replenish your health faster. Items

There is also the "Loopy power-up." It's indicated by a blue LRC logo on the ground. When you pick it up, it fully heals you and makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds. These can come in clutch if utilized properly, especially in player-versus-player (PVP). Loopy

Leading north out of town, there are three bridges. The one on the far right has two snakes at the end that may prove dangerous to a level 1-3 player unless you have a good weapon.

How can I get a good weapon?

There are many benefits to owning a weapon that you purchase from one of the creators. This weapon is associated with your wallet and can be used with all of your characters you have. The weapon will save progress and experience to the weapon similar to how players can level up. You can have one shared weapon that all your players use or you can collect different weapons.

If you don't want to spend money, it's okay! There are plenty of free options in the game too. As I mentioned above, there's the steel sword you can pickup in town.

Killed enemies will sometimes drop an upgrade too. The harder the enemies, the higher level weapon they may drop.

What is there to do?

When first starting out, grinding is about all there is to do. Grind for some levels and better weapons until you can comfortably move north alone or move in a group.

Explore the map! As mentioned earlier, you'll always start somewhere in the town. South is the beach which doesn't prove to be much of a challenge for higher leveled players. North of that is the Wilderness. Above that is the Desert which almost acts like two parts. The first half and the second half. And above that are the volcanic mountains. This zone has the hardest enemies, the gauntlet, and the Boss' room. Desert2 Desert1 Wilderness

The Skeleton King boss at the very top of the map inside of a cave, his room is a very popular location for players to grind for XP due to the fast respawning nature of enemies, abundance of power-ups and health potions, and the fact that Deathknights currently always drop a burger to help restore health.

There is also the gauntlet. This is a dungeon with a lot of fast spawning mobs. Until you're a higher level, you won't likely get very far alone and can only move two rooms before there is a boss waiting. A group can work their way through and see how far they get together. The gauntlet is several rooms long and only serves as a challenge.

There is a player-versus-player (PVP) cave in the town where you and other players can fight to the death. Some health potions and power-ups are scattered around the room, along with mobs who serve to annoy players as you battle it out.

You can talk to NPCs, many of them offer helpful information, advice, and even Loopring Red Packets! You might have heard me mention Red Packets earlier. These are are barcodes that you can scan to either guarantee getting an NFT in return, or try your hand at getting one. Some creators will hide items, such as a new weapon, inside of a Red Packet with a 1 in 50 chance to win. This means that only 50 people can scan the red packet and only one person will win the weapon. The creator may provide hints as to where the red packet is, but you'll have to explore and talk to find them!

Meet and talk to other players! You can open the World Chat and talk to the others in the game. This chat will also post into Discord for players to see and read. You can meet other L2 members and just have a fun time interacting with or talking to them! This community is one of the best out there and everyone is extremely friendly. World Chat

Once creator maps open, it will provide more for players to do. There are still a lot of gameplay options not yet configured or setup. Just know that creators are working on maps to enhance the game in a big way.

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

At the time of this writing, I was one of the top players in the game. Ignore Peteszah, he's a cheater (just kidding...there's a reason for his high level).


Tip #1: If you find yourself surrounded by enemies. Focus on killing enemies only on one side. As a gap opens, enemies will move to fill in that gap. Continue attacking enemies on that side and eventually, if they don't kill you first, you'll have an opening for escape or there may be health restoring items on the ground in that spot you can pick up before fighting the rest. Occasionally, you can kill an enemy and click the ground outside of the "circle of doom" and move through the enemies before they close in around you blocking you in again. Blocked

Tip #2: The fastest way to get a sword is to head north up the middle bridge and keep heading north. Once you get to the start of the desert, move up three screens, and there's a cave. Run inside and head up the ladder to the top of the mountain where there should be x4 spectres waiting. They have a pretty small aggro radius so if you're careful, you can focus killing one at a time until the Burning Sword drops. You can very easily go from having the mace to having this sword which will last until you get the Golden Sword or buy one from a creator. Burning Sword

Tip #3: During the hours of 9:00 EST to 10:00 EST (both am and pm) is "power hour" where everyone is awarded double XP. If you're trying to grind or level, doing so during one or both of these timeslots is best. Occasionally a "bonus power hour" or even triple XP event occurs.

Tip #4: Until you get a higher level, move slowly up to ensure you don't pull too many mobs. Running north over and over because you can't figure out how to not pull 347 mobs at once is annoying. You may see some players doing it and it's okay, they're most likely a higher level and there's a good chance their weapon is an area of effect (AoE) weapon that damages all of them.

Tip #5: Finding a good grinding spot in the default map can be difficult. This is an MMO so you're competing against other players to get XP or kills. The boss' room is the most popular spot, several groups of enemies on two screens, several power-ups, fast respawn, and a few people can be in there at the same time without "crowding" one another. If you also move closer to the door, you can "take a break" without worry of a mob killing you, unless another player drags them to you and leaves the cave. In the boss' room, 3 or 4 players is about the max before you start to run into issues but 1 or 2 people is perfect. The gauntlet is also a nice grinding location but only 2 people can be in there unless you get someone or some people past the first boss to grind the next couple of rooms. One player per room allows for killing and a short recovery before they respawn again. There's no areas to rest though. You can do fine out in the world, if the other locations are overcrowded, it may make sense to just wander a screen or two and kill mobs out and about. You'll want to determine the time to kill and compare it to the XP. If it takes 5 or 6 hits to kill the Deathknight, but only 3 to kill Ogres, you may be better off killing Ogres for a bit.

Tip #6: When fighting the boss as a group, the person who has aggro (the one getting attacked) is the only person who should pick up the Loopy power-up. Unless they're a very high level, the boss will kill them in a few hits and if people are picking up the power-ups who aren't taking damage, the "tank" will die and then you'll have to worry about the boss yourself. Loopy doesn't help your damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: I just got my Looper and connected my wallet, but the game is telling me I don't have any eligible avatars.

Question 2: What is the difference between a free-to-play and a premium LooperLands? F2P vs Prem

Question 3: How do I know if I'm purchasing a LooperLands avatar?

Question 4: Do I have to buy a premium weapon?

Question 5: How do I get approved to create game assets?
Start Creating

Question 6: How do I get my name to show in game?

Question 7: I am having a technical issue in the game. What can I do?

Disclaimer: I have helped the LooperLands team create technical documents and created this guide. The sole purpose of both was to help other creators get connected to the Dev environment and new players to get connected to the game and have some idea of how things work. I (izitnu) am not affiliated with the LooperLands team in any professional sense and instead represent the Loopring Layer 2 community. I wish to see everyone succeed.